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Randomness from a Prettyjedi

A brisk and misty day on the beach! I feel so incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful area! 

captawesomesauce replied to your post:Living in a nightmare of chronic pain

Wait, why hasn’t anyone been willing to do the work?? What did they say?
I just realized I have no idea how to reply to replies, sorry, I hope this works. To answer your question I have been told a variety of things such as: “liability concerns over fixing another dentist’s mistakes”, “this is a courtesy appointment, I am not taking new patients”, “the original dentist needs to fix it”, “just wait it out to see if the pain goes away”, and at my latest appointment the dentist said he refuses to remove new fillings and has never heard of shallow fillings causing severe pain.

Blah. You know what sucks, seeing someone that you really liked (and that someone really liked you) in a relationship with someone else because you let your severe social anxiety kill something before it could even start. 

Not to mention it has ruined every other part of my life too……….

So much for my dentist appointment yesterday. Yet another one who will not help me. I’ve been living in hell since May with level 8-10 pain due to dental work gone wrong. I’ve seen a handful of dentists since then who are more than happy to take money for a consultation, but then refuse to help me. I just need the fillings redone, why the heck can’t someone just do it??? I have also had eight full sets (nearly 200!!! x-rays) done because every dentist has REQUIRED that I have them taken again at their office, even though I have x-rays less than a few weeks old between visits. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started glowing in the dark! Seriously though, I am quite worried about the excessive radiation exposure, and angry that nothing has been done to solve the problem. The pain is pushing me so far over the edge I feel driven to buy a diamond tipped drill and remove them myself at this point. 


why is catcalling called catcalling? i like cats and i would quite like them calling me to see how i am or to make plans to meet for brunch, catcalling should be called something more accurate like asshole screeching or insecure masculinity 

I think my Newfoundland  is ready for wintertime fun! He dug out the snowman from the bottom of his toy box and placed it on my shoe! 


If you take an animal into your home, please know that you are making a lifetime commitment

Dogs are family members. They aren’t toys, they aren’t property, they aren’t accessories, and they aren’t just there to look cute until they’ve grown out of puppyhood. Until every human understands this, breeders will keep filling pet stores with puppies that contribute to our devastating overpopulation crisis that leads to a pet being euthanized in American shelters every 10 seconds.

Learn how you can be part of the change (there are so many things you can do to save lives, even if you can’t adopt or donate!) in my recent blog post here!

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Jabba the Catt

After leaving flight school at 18 I decided that my “destiny” would be fulfilled by becoming a Registered Nurse. I ended up getting into a competitive program and also received a paid internship with a private healthcare agency that offered a scholarship and career placement upon graduation. Ironically enough, I was placed in the beautiful home of a woman who was a Registered Nurse. She worked full time in a hospital and needed someone to care for her son Donny, who suffered the consequences of brain cancer that he was diagnosed with at the age of fifteen (he was twenty-eight at the time I got hired). The brain surgery to remove the tumor caused him to revert cognitively to the age of a child, caused severe short term memory loss, and mobility issues. Due to his memory loss, each morning that I arrived to work, I would have to reintroduce myself, even after I had been taking care of him for many months.

One Christmas morning, my agency called to see if I could take care of Donny. The hospital his mother worked at was severely understaffed, and needed her help. Upon my arrival, his mother in a frantic rush and without even a hello started rattling off a to-do list to me. Then all of a sudden Donny stepped between us and turned to me with a huge smile on his face. He said, “Excuse me for interrupting. But I know you. You are Dana!” His mom went silent. I was the first person he had remembered that wasn’t in his life prior to the cancer, the first person in 12 years. It was such a touching moment for all of us. Donny and I ended up spending a beautiful day together playing games, laughing and talking like old familiar friends, and it is memory I cherish deeply.

Sadly, that ended up being Donny’s last Christmas. His health started to deteriorate quickly and a few months later it was discovered that he was suffering another brain tumor, this one inoperable. Donny passed away shortly after, and upon his death I adopted his dog Sebastian, a gentle Miniature Schnauzer who spent many happy years by my side. 

My little Khaleesi, although I think Arya would have been a more fitting name. She is strong-willed with a dash of trouble! 

Bonjour mon petit chou. A little about me: I am creative and kind-hearted at best, antisocial and pessimistic at worst. I believe deeply in the restorative powers of nature, stars beyond count, and a dog by my side. Also, I suffer from forever itchy wanderer’s feet. :)

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