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Randomness from a Prettyjedi

I started work on my Daenerys Qarth dress cosplay. It has been much harder than I expected—there are only a few photos I’ve found online and after re-watching the episode, there are not really any full shots of the gown or closeups. I finished the beaded pieces for the front of the gown today, I spent hours at a bead warehouse trying to find just the right ones. I wanted to use materials that I thought would be found in a port city so I went with pearl, granite, sea glass, opal, hammered copper, crystal, and gold plated beads. There are two identical strings of beads, and they go from waist to knee. I finished the shoes tonight as well, although they won’t be visible so I didn’t really have to put as much effort into them as I did. I also found some gorgeous gold tinted bronze sheets last night which I ordered so that I can start on the shoulder and belt pieces. I’ve never worked with metal before, so I am hoping I don’t lose a finger or something!

It’s like reading a book and seeing a word that you don’t understand. You either stop and deliberate over its meaning, or like me you just keep going anyway. Later you realize how important that one word really was—it’s what changed the entire passage and potentially the story.

We aren’t dictionaries, we don’t understand every little detail in our lives at every moment, but one day we regretfully realize we shouldn’t have skimmed it over.

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I was watching The Simpsons tonight and my mom walks by and says: “Why are you watching The Jetsons?”

The postcard I sent Frank made it onto PostSecret tonight. I thought letting my secret out would help in some way, but seeing it on the website feels like it only validates how bad things are. 

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One of my professors emailed me a few days ago to let me know that my work has been outstanding. Graduate school is really tough (it takes everything in me to not have a meltdown sometimes), but it is little acknowledgements like this that can give a student the fuel to keep going. 

A brisk and misty day on the beach! I feel so incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful area! 

captawesomesauce replied to your post:Living in a nightmare of chronic pain

Wait, why hasn’t anyone been willing to do the work?? What did they say?
I just realized I have no idea how to reply to replies, sorry, I hope this works. To answer your question I have been told a variety of things such as: “liability concerns over fixing another dentist’s mistakes”, “this is a courtesy appointment, I am not taking new patients”, “the original dentist needs to fix it”, “just wait it out to see if the pain goes away”, and at my latest appointment the dentist said he refuses to remove new fillings and has never heard of shallow fillings causing severe pain.

Blah. You know what sucks, seeing someone that you really liked (and that someone really liked you) in a relationship with someone else because you let your severe social anxiety kill something before it could even start. 

Not to mention it has ruined every other part of my life too……….

Bonjour mon petit chou. A little about me: I am creative and kind-hearted at best, antisocial and pessimistic at worst. I believe deeply in the restorative powers of nature, stars beyond count, and a dog by my side. Also, I suffer from forever itchy wanderer’s feet. :)

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