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Randomness from a Prettyjedi

This came up in my search when I was trying to find statistical data for a paper I am working on. It is totally unrelated to statistics, but I am glad I clicked the link since I really needed to read this with how I’ve been feeling lately.

This year I am committed to my resolutions. I know, don’t we all say that at the beginning of a fresh year! But I’ve been discontent for some time now. The feeling was like a too tight pair of shoes rubbing against the heels, the pain becomes unbearable and you know if you keep walking in them eventually a blister is going to form. 

RIKER: In all trust, there is the possibility of betrayal. I’m not sure you were prepared for that. 
DATA: Were you prepared, sir? 
RIKER: I don’t think anybody ever is. 
DATA: Then it is better not to trust. 
RIKER: Without trust, there’s no friendship, no closeness. None of the emotional bonds that make us what we are. 
DATA: And yet you put yourself at risk. 
RIKER: Every single time. 

I watched the first three episodes of Heroes of Cosplay to get inspired to start ‘thinking’ about ideas for springtime cons, but then afterwards, I felt like making something RIGHT THAT INSTANCE. So I’ve been running around my room looking for things I can rip apart and reconstruct since I have no supplies on hand. Now I am sitting in a pile of stuff and just noticed a few hours have already vanished. So maybe I need to re-think this plan considering I have an important briefing to prepare by tomorrow. 

OH YES! Emerald City Comicon and Norwescon are not on the same dates after all.  And here I thought I would have to abandon Norwescon for Richard Dean Anderson, Jim Beaver, Michael Dorn, & Mark Sheppard. 

Now time to start planning costumes. 

You know you are too tired when you read the title of this article as: residents are told to watch out for blood wine in water supply.

Or maybe I just watch too much Star Trek.

Being subtle is not something that should be tried around a person like me. It’s even worse when someone is trying to get my attention romantically. In fact, I don’t even realize it until like the millionth time they have tried and finally they say it flatly—that is if they haven’t given up first. 

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I haven’t been this pissed in a long time. 


I recently went to get my daughter’s hair cut and I brought out a magazine and asked her to pick how she wanted her hair.

She chose Patrick Stewart.



"I must not check out 50 library books at a time, I must not check out 50 library books at a time, I must not check out 50 library books at a time."

Bonjour mon petit chou. A little about me: I am creative and kind-hearted at best, antisocial and pessimistic at worst. I believe deeply in the restorative powers of nature, stars beyond count, and a dog by my side. Also, I suffer from forever itchy wanderer’s feet. :)

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